The whole chromatic range in one didgeridoo

I imagined the WoodSlides to play all notes with one instrument. Based on the principle of a double slide, one made of wood, one made of brass, this assembly will enable you to cover the whole chromatic range necessary to play in any key.
This way, with the WoodSlides, you will always get the right note!

A didgeridoo which will blow your mind

The WoodSlides are made from different wood essences chosen for their acoustic qualities and mechanical stability.

After a first intuitive design, I switch to a more scientific protocol in order to assess the effect of my ideas by altering methodically the variables at stake. My didgeridoos constantly progress due to my will for improvement and my desire to be attentive to the players’ perception and expectations. My instruments are the result of fifteen years of personal research. Today, thanks to this work, my top-of-the-range instruments have a clear, precise, balanced and harmonious sound with a great playability.

A didgeridoo easy to carry along

Starting from 78 centimeters long (30 inches) for the Travel range or 1 meter long (40 inches) for the Classic range, you can easily carry the WoodSlide around. Say goodbye to backache, to the pain of carrying it on the subway or to problems with check-in at the airport: the Travel range is even airline-authorized as carry-on luggage.

Precise. From vibration to finish.

I chose quality materials such as wood and brass so that my instruments would benefit from a high standard of finish and of sound quality. These materials are combined with cabinetmaking techniques which stabilize the wood and the assemblies, offering neat and robust aesthetics.

A bag is provided with each WoodSlide

In order to guarantee you a perfect mobility, I have designed a custom-made bag for each of the two WoodSlide ranges. Padded and waterproof, it ensures the maximum protection to your WoodSlide. Thanks to its handle and its strap, you can carry your instrument by hand or on your shoulder.

Handcrafted in France

My instruments are locally made. You are welcome to my workshop and showroom in Bouguenais-les-Couëts, at the gates of Nantes, in Loire-Atlantique. My woods of European essences come from Brittany and Normandy. My exotic woods come from the reuse sector. I try to reduce my ecological footprint as much as I can, for instance by planting tens of trees to make up for my use. Also, due to their design, my didgeridoos are matter-efficient. For example, the bell end, through its particular design, is firstly a technique executed to avoid using very big pieces of wood while reusing the scraps, which I also use for the mouthpieces and the interlocking sections.

They play on a WoodSlide

Choose between two ranges
of WoodSlide…

Earth Vibes

The most played notes in one instrument 

RANGE: From high key F# to low G
LENGTH: 1 meter (40 inches) to 2.75 meters (108 inches)

MOUTHPIECE : 30-31 mm (1.18-1.22 inches) Ask me for a specific size
WEIGHT :Around 3.8 kilos (8.4 pounds)

• Solid wood
• Burnished and varnished brass

 Air Vibes

Small and light for a perfect mobility

RANGE:From high key G# to low A
LENGTH: 78 centimeters (30 inches) to 2.15 meters (85 inches)

MOUTHPIECE: 30-31 mm (1.18-1.22 inches)Ask me for a specific size
WEIGHT: Around 2.8 kilos (6.2 pounds)

• Solid wood
• Burnished and varnished brass

Earth Vibes

Ideal for an energetic and powerful playing 

The Earth Vibes style is characterized by a narrower air column which offers a textured and powerful sound. Your WoodSlide will be responsive and the high harmonics will be given prominence. Perfect for a rhythmic and dynamic playing!

Air Vibes

Ideal for a calm and contemplative playing

With the Air Vibes style, the air column is more open than with the Earth Vibes style. The sound will be refined with great harmony and mellowness. This kind of WoodSlide will have a strong resonanceand put forth the the low harmonics. It was designed for a mellow, round and contemplative playing.

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RANGE From high key F# to low G
LENGTH:1 meter (40 inches) to 2.75 meters (108 inches)
MOUTHPIECE: 30-31 mm (1.18-1.22 inches)
WEIGHT: Around 3.8 kilos (8.4 pounds)

• High Sound Volume
• Heavy bass notes
• You can play infra-bass notes (below the A)


I order a




RANGE: From high key G# to low A
LENGTH: 78 centimeters (30 inches) to 2.15 meters (85 inches)
MOUTHPIECE: 30-31 mm (1.18-1.22 inches)
WEIGHT: Around 2,8 (6.2 pounds)

• Limited bulk
• Reduced weight and size
• Can be played while holding it
• Very easy to travel with

I order a


Price on request
Contact me to talk about your instrument.
Price on request

• Particular range
• Simple slide full in wood
• Middle slide made of fiber glass
• Specific choice of wood
• Specific air column
• Logo added, Specific finish
•Drop Octave mouthpiece or a specific diameter
• Custom production time: four months at the most

My name is Jean-Yves. I am a passionate musician and didgeridoo maker who invented the WoodSlide concept and design.

The very first time I heard the powerful and vibrating sound of the didgeridoo, I fell in love with it right away. We were in the Brocéliande forest, cradle of the Celtic legends of Brittany. During the following months, I discovered the richness of this instrument’s playing, both ancestral and radically modern. Simultaneously, I quickly started to look into its production and the woodwork.

Back then, I used to play in a band from Nantes called Zmiya. Between the rehearsals and the gigs, I often had to carry along several didgeridoos all around the town, struggling to make them fit in a car’s trunk, having a hard time in the public transports or even having to pay for check-in baggage while flying…

the ZMIYA band with the first WoodSlide
But the worst of all was when, after all these twists and turns (and I didn’t even mention the backache), I would get to rehearsal, take out all of my instruments one by one, and realize I didn’t have the right key to play with the other members of the band…

That’s when I started dreaming of a perfect didgeridoo: a tunable didgeridoo which would enable me to play several notes. A didgeridoo made of wood which would keep a pure and powerful sound. A didgeridoo with a good playability to work on my technique.

With the help of a cabinetmaker friend, Cyril Chapron, I created the first WoodSlide. A tunable top-of-the-range slide didgeridoo made of wood.

That was the beginning of a great adventure!

Since then, the WoodSlides are played by the most influential artists all over the world.

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