A few frequently
asked questions

The woods’ influence

The air column design will determine the main characteristics of your instrument’s tone and playability. The different wood essences that are used will influence the resonance, that is to say the way the air column’s vibration will resonate and interact with the wood. For instance, a dense wood will resonate in a powerful and dynamic way. Softer woods, on the other hand, will resonate in a rounder and mellower way. It’s a question of esthetics and a subjective choice, none is better than the other. It will depend on your sensitivity, the wood will “just” color your playing.

I would like to order, what are the different payment methods?

Depending on where you live, you can pay by bank transfer SEPA or by bank card with Stripe.

Can I pay by installments?

Yes, it is possible to pay by several installments, by check (only in France).

If I order today, when will I be able to play my didgeridoo?

The delivery time goes from 24 to 72 hours for France, from 3 to 6 days for Europe, and from 3 to 8 days for other continents.

Can I order a custom-made didgeridoo?

Of course. You can contact me by email to submit a request. For instance, you can choose the wood essence, the size of your mouthpiece, as well as the slide’s material. On the original instruments, the slide is made of brass, but it is possible to make a WoodSlide with a slide made of carbon, which will give more lightness to your instrument. However, bear in mind that this kind of material will have a great influence on the didgeridoo’s sound. With that sort of slide, the WoodSlide will lose power and depth, and the sound will be duller.

I would like to order a custom-made didgeridoo. How long will the production take?

I make every custom didgeridoo within four months at the most.

How much is the delivery cost?

For a Classic WoodSlide, the delivery cost is 35 € for mainland France and 45 € for Europe. For intercontinental shipping, the cost varies between 60 € to 100 € depending on your country of residence.

What happens if the didgeridoo is broken upon arrival?

No worries. All the didgeridoos I send are covered by an insurance which will either pay for an exchange or give you a refund, as you prefer.


A premium quality bag is provided with your instrument. You can also buy an extra bag from the accessories page.


The WoodSlide can be delivered in France and abroad, to your place of residence or at your workplace. It will be signed for upon receipt, covered by insurance and delivered by DPD.

The joints’ wear and tear

The different joints and rubber rings are designed to last for a very long time, but you will always be able to order new joints from the accessories section of the website.

Wood preservation

Inside: epoxy coating
Outside: epoxy primer and waxed finish (You keep the wood touch, there is no film-forming effect like with a varnish, laminating the wood surface.)
Brass protection: bodywork varnish, bi-component polyurethane

After testing many different methods, I chose a long-lasting and high-performance protection, because the water-based products are not good for the wood nor for the sound. As to oil (usually combined with a solvent) would require an ongoing maintenance. Indeed, after a few days of use, the woods tarnish and swell with humidity. The high-performance products I use are essentially demanding for me who apply them. Just so you know, there is no VOC in epoxy because this resin doesn’t harden through the solvents’ evaporation. Instead, it polymerizes. It is composed of two components reacting to one another. This process doesn’t imply any volatile fumes. However, if you prefer, I can make a WoodSlide with an oil finish, which will be easier for me, but more demanding for you.


There is a legal two-year guarantee (under normal conditions of use). The wood, as a living material, can bring surprises despite all the precautions taken. In that case, if a crack was to appear, I would take care of the repairs.

Satisfied or your money back

You get a 14-day refund right from the day you receive your didgeridoo in case you change your mind. If you do, I’ll refund the price of the instrument, but not the delivery charges (to your place and back).

Repairs – restoration – improvement

It is possible for me to take your WoodSlide in my workshop in order to repair it, restore it or make it benefit from the latest evolutions.

I would like to order, what are the different payment methods?

Depending on where you live, you can pay by bank transfer SEPA or by bank card with Stripe

Are there custom duties when I order from outside the European Union?

There may be custom duties to pay for shipping outside the European Union. Please ask your customs office..

Where to see WoodSlides for real?

In my workshop showroom in Bouguenais near Nantes (by appointment), at my stand at the “festival du Rêve de l’Aborigène” and sometimes at other events linked to the didgeridoo (contact me). There are also many WoodSlides players all around the world. Don’t hesitate to contact them via social networks.